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65" High Brightness Window Display(1500~4000nits)

    This window display products include high temperature LCD panels,smart brightness sensor control and lower noise.Its single bezel size is 8.5mm only and thickness is only 57.5mm.32",43",49",55"&75"Option.

    Ultra High Definition

    3840 x 2160(4 K) resolution and wide view angles let your files 

    to be displayed more beautiful and clearer than 2 K resolution.



    Smart Brightness Sensor Control

    Automatically adjust the brightness of the LCD screen according
    to the brightness of the ambient light, which can save energy to
    the greatest extent.


                                                                                                                                             Time ON/Off 

    The auto power ON/OFF setting allows to make display
    schedules every day and extends the unit抯 lifetime.

    Support 24/7 Operation 

    The long-life LCD panel has high reliability and stability to
    ensure the system runnin continously in the whole year.

    Lower Noise

    The noise design is lower than 25dB,especially suitable

    for the window environment.


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