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43" Mobile Smart Display(Battery Built in)

    This is a mobile with battery built in version.Waterproof metal enclosure and 1500ntis brightness(700nits/1000nits Option) let it works everywhere you want;Up to 12~14 hours of super long standby time allows you to display your advertisements as you like.

    IP65 Weatherproof Enclosure

    The outer casing has an IP65 rating which means it keeps
    out all airborne swarf,dust,and other particles and is 
    protected from any wet weather conditions,broadening the
    range of possible environments.

                                                                                                                               Built in Android System(7.1 Version/11.0 Option)

    This unit is based on Android system,which CPU 

    frequency is up to 1.8GHZ and quad-core architecture 
    Cortex-A17 and DDR3 2G memory +8G eMMC memory.
    Camera,printer, scanner and IC card reader Option

    Long Working Time

    The lithium-ion battery revolutionizes the way you can
    use digital signage.This commercial grade slimline
    battery solution gives you 12~14 hours working time.
    (Note: If the outside temperature less 0℃,the working
    time will be decreased)

                                                                                                                           Auto/Manual Brightness Control 

    Different external environment conditions require different
    brightness levels. An light sensor can  detect  the  ambient
    light intensity around the  unit  and  automatically/manually
    adjusts the brightness of screen  accordingly so that it can
    help to save energy and extend the unit lifespan.

    Support 24/7 Operation 

    The long-life LCD panel has high reliability and stability to
    ensure the system runnin continously in the whole year.

    Energy-saving with LED backlight

    The   LCD  panel  with LED back light has  lower  power
    consumption so that it can help to save massive energy
    throughout the whole year.


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